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Cages and Hutches Manufactured by Gatabi Rabbitry

Gavin builds all wire cages and wooden hutch for the rabbit fancier, or for commercial purposes) - contact him on 081 765 0469 - or email us.
 Divisions in this can be made into 2, 3 or 4 per tier. Its a fully portable set- up that can easily be dismantled when you are moving. you can easily add a watering system to this. Feeding and watering is done quickly as its all so compact. Cage on pic is depicted with no doors or plastic sheeting on bottom cage.
Pricing as follows:
2 or 3 Division @ R 1550 Each
4 Division @ R 1750-00 Each
Frames @ R 275-00 Each (2 required)
Runners @ 125-00 Each (4 required)
70% Deposit required on order - Balance on Collection
Luxury Rabbit Hutch 
Height adjustable - great finish . Roof waterproofed. 
Roof colour: RED
 Hutch floor is part wood - part galvanised wire flooring.  
actual hutch size:
 length: 81cm
width: 60 cm
height: 39 ( without roof)
length of leg with extension : 73 cm
price R 1550 with the shorter leg
price R 1800  with longer legs
None currently none in stock - we make to order - a 70% deposit is required