Gatabi Rabbits

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Gavin Grgurin is in need of help.

Gavin got involved in rabbits around 17 years ago when his wife took him to the Royal show in KZN to look at rabbits in the Natal Rabbit Club.  A few years later he did his ALL Breeds exam and became an All Breeds Rabbit judge. One of a few in South Africa.

 Gatabi Rabbitry was started many years ago, starting with Netherland Dwarfs and Jersey woolies . Eventually many other breeds were introduced, including many of the rarer Breeds. Gavin has always been out there to educate others in all parts of the broader rabbit keeping and breeding fraternity.

Rvhd which is a virus that only affects and kills rabbits arrived in SA a year ago and finally did arrive in Gauteng.

Gavin's rabbits all died in a matter of 2 weeks. More than 20 breeds, some rare breeds genetics lost, Belgian Hare, Flemish Giant, Harlequin, Magpie, development colours in breeds such as, Harlequin Netherland Dwarf, micro Rex and a line of Lop Rabbits that had been worked on for over 10 years. All this genetic material has been lost, with a fair number almost impossible to replace, without assistance from other breeders, at a cost!!!

Gavin has now devoted his time to spread the word of this virus. Many still do not know. Gavin has had TV and Radio interviews to spread the word about this insidious virus.

He is running an RVHD hotline and a helpline on WhatsApp, to educate, assist and create as much awareness as is possible across the entirety of South Africa, along with tracking reports received on a national map. Many others have joined in
to help, assist and brainstorm on these platforms.

He has said: " if we can help others , to prevent this from happening, then at least we have managed something positive out of our disaster!!!" 

Currently the Farm is no longer making any money. He unfortunately had to let one permanent staff member (Ronnie) go. Funds raised would be to used to feed the other animals left on the farm, ie dogs, chickens, ducks and goats, and once the time is right after quarantine, look at restocking the rabbit herd and continuing the work that was being done on the rare breeds kept, for the future survival of those breeds in South Africa.

He could also look at employing Ronnie again on an ad hoc basis, who also has a family to feed.

Gatabi rabbits is currently in a self imposed Quarantine. In the next 4 months everything is needing to get sanitised, burnt and cleaned. Once this time passes vaccinated rabbits will be reintroduced from other breeders, at the cost required by the relevant breeders, that he will hopefully be able to source replacement stock from to start again.

The RVHD vaccine currently costs between 500 and 700 rand for one shot, which needs to be redone every 10 months.


Update 7/2/2024

We have recieved generous donations from fellow GRBA club members and Natal Rabbit club members and friends. We are starting again and hope to rise from the ashes.

We are still in serious need of assistance with animal feed for the farm animals.

Goats, chickens, ducks, cats and dogs still need to get feed. If you can assist us by donating to our back a Buddy accoount, or if you can assist in any other way, please drop us a line. its  embarrasing to us, but its out of our hands. currently we are cutting grass each day to help bring feed bills down.

you can contact us on 0817650469